5 Technical Reasons to update your website now

Written by Pranav Rana on October 03, 2017

5 Technical Reasons to update your website now_image

Like everything in the physical world, websites also degrade over time and may become unusable if not updated from time to time. Here are 5 reasons that may happen.

  1. Update to Browsers: Most popular browsers release several new versions every year. Firefox received more than 12 releases in as many months and the chrome version has increased by 12 in last year. It not only impacts their security and performance but also changes how it handles certain features of pages and HTML. It ensures that over time, your site visitor’s experience degrades unless you keep your site updated.

  2. Updates to Google’s Search Algorithm: Google continuously updates its search algorithm to offer the most relevant search results as well as to filter out fake or irrelevant content. It also gives priority to sites which follow more user-friendly practices like having SSL or being mobile friendly. There were 5 updates to their search algorithm in 2017 alone. Review your site to ensure that you are following those best practices. Read a few pointers here.
  3. Mobile Phone Usage: Mobile internet usage has crossed desktop usage since some time now. It is important that if you have a website, it is usable on a mobile. It not only turns off the visitor, but it also turns off google which brings visitors. Even if you are not in the SEO game, you will need to ensure that it works for a visitor who is very likely using a mobile device to access your site.
  4. HTML 5 and HTTP 2: HTML 5 has introduced many improvements and features which improve page speed and security. Most major browsers have stopped supporting flash since then. HTTP2 technically does not change how the site is coded but it will definitely help to look at all the CSS, js, images that are used on your site and identify the scope for improvements in download speed if your hosting provider supports http2 compatible servers.
  5. Updates to CMS and Frameworks: Popular CMS like WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, etc. release new versions with bug fixes, improved security, new features, and several updates to keep up with all of the above. By updating your CMS you are making it easier to be browser and standard compliant, user-friendly as well as search engine friendly.

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