Microsoft Skype Inspired From Snapchat to Enormously Redesign Its Look and Feel

Written by Pranav Rana on June 02, 2017

Microsoft Skype Inspired From Snapchat to Enormously Redesign Its Look and Feel_image

MS – Skype is a very famous instant messaging app that provides online text messages with video and audio calling facility. Recent news of San Francisco says that Skype is going to change with a superb looking UI and UX. This drastic change of the App focuses on many features that allow its users to grab photos and videos that are temporarily visible to their connections.

Yes, you are absolutely correct, Skype is making a copy of the record-breaking Snapchat, but Sr. Vice President of Engineering and Product at Fuze announce that it depends on the likes and dislikes of Skype users. Skype is considered more on Texting aspect which is even better than the update till now. It is putting more emphasis on Messaging by neglecting the audio and video calling features.

Involving in a group chat? New group chat in Skype allows users to interact with each other and also make use of emojis and stickers to send messages on top of pleasing and more beautiful backgrounds. Modern Skype will provide a way to use animated images from Giphy.

The redesign of Skype includes:

  • Major features that simulate Snapchat’s stories
  • Reaching each other using emoji and stickers
  • Better multitasking features
  • More enhanced group messaging
  • Enabling a user to use animated images from Giphy

Skype is hoping that the fusion of these upcoming features will bring a large number of masses that will use the app every day. Also, Skype will enable its users to watch videos and play games together as a part of multitasking. Skype is very famous but there are many competitors like FaceTime, Messenger, and WhatsApp, out of which Facebook Messenger has made a great impact on today’s date. Skype has already targeted the Android platform and the next target would be iOS. Desktop users need to wait a little bit more.

Keeping an eye on the powerful makeover, it leaves us wondering what will Skype work on every platform with the ease of performance? While in contradiction will Skype lose its popularity from those people having less memory on their phones? This has left just as a question in reality!

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