The wait is over! Stack Overflow will now be available on your mobile phones

Written by Pranav Rana on June 06, 2017

The wait is over! Stack Overflow will now be available on your mobile phones_image

Stack Overflow is a well known and trusted Q&A platform for programming. Recently, it launched a new official Mobile App which is primarily for iOS Platforms and Android Platforms. This app effectively puts Stack Overflow on developers mobile and will allow the developers to view questions and provide answers on the move.

Push Notifications, a feature of the Stack Overflow App allows the developers to be updated about the status of the desired questions. Stack Overflow has decided to go more into the history of software development with the use of recently released Trend Tools to explore more about programming languages, latest technologies or framework.

Stack Overflow has also launched a tool to analyze on-going and previous trends in development activities in mobile-related technologies. This app contrasts from an existing Stack Exchange App, which just provides the links of the network sites that the users have created. Stack Overflow app will allow software engineers to do many activities like:

view question, write answer, comment, flag and vote on questions they want.

  • Receive push notifications when somebody answers or comments on questions.
  • Browse the history of previously searched questions.
  • Use the new Markdown Tool that highlights syntax, contains built-in spell checking, easy to use WYSIWYG editor which also provides live preview with scroll sync.

The post written on the official website of Stack Overflow provides some interesting insights into the trends about various Mobile Development Platforms. This app is great for those people who want to use SO on the go.