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Kaira is a well established Mobile and Web App Development Company from India with expert knowledge on most of the hotcake technologies available in the current market. We cater our services to various business houses and enterprise level companies for the last 10+ years with experienced team of developers with adept knowledge on various technologies and updates. Our today’s market stand is the result of our ethical business practices, clients’ requirement oriented approach and professional working culture at Kaira.

vision statement

To be one of the leading service provider in the Mobile & Web Application Development, Software Development Company arena with unmatched quality and at the most affordable price to the clients across the globe and to provide a sound platform for the IT professionals of India to work in the best working environment.

The ethics that we follow

Client Oriented Approach - Kaira Software

client oriented approach

It has always been our prime concern to give utmost satisfaction to our clients with best of our Talents, Potentials, Knowledge, and above all our Team work.

Result Orientation - Kaira Software


We set the goals Not That We Like but the ones That Are Result Driven and that let us more focused on what we do.

Time & Standards - Kaira Software

Time & Standards

Timely completion of every project and a standardized pattern of work is something what we follow considering the elements like proper management, and maintaining economy at every phase.

Quality Orientation - Kaira Software

Quality Orientation

We set the things right with our intuitive way of working and maintaining the optimum quality standards with intent to learn something new and to implement it.

Working Climate - Kaira Software

Working Climate

Kaira has got a very friendly and learning environment for everyone with freedom to express himself in respect of his research or invention or suggestion.

Business Policy - Kaira Software

Business Policy

Best business practices in respect of safety and security of Projects and Data -NDA with Clients as well as Employees of our company.


Project Completed by Kaira Software

Completed Projects

Client Satisfaction - Kaira Software

Happy Clients

Project in Progress by Kaira Software

Project in progress


pricing models

Fixed Price Model

Kaira always cares for their clients when it comes to economize. We have got different hiring models best fitted to different requirements. Avail the services of our developers if you have

  • Comparatively small Project with least time to complete.
  • Well defined scope.
  • When you have a Pre-set budget for the project.
  • Size and objective of your business is specific and defined.

Hourly Based Price Model

When your dream project is quite bigger and long term project, this model would be more preferable for you. This model will be the most suitable if you have,

  • Comparatively larger project
  • Projects requiring more time and resources
  • Control over budget to materialize your dream project
  • The complex projects requiring precision and perfection at every phase

Global Presence


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