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Flutter is Google’s open source SDK to develop apps for desktop, mobile as well as web. While it has been around since 2011, it got a lot of attention only after google announced its general availability in 2017.

Flutter uses a new language called Dart which has native compilers for each of the supported platforms. It promises performance equivalent to native apps.

Key benefits of flutter app development

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  • Its hot reload features saves a lot of time from development time as full compile is not needed for testing and changes can be tested and reviewed almost instantly. The code is sent directly to the running Dart Virtual Machine which then makes live updates to its widget tree.
  • It also improves productivity when the apps need to be deployed to multiple platforms since no code change is needed for deployment to another platform.
    Only the tool chain must be set up properly for it to work.
  • Google’s design team has set a good base for UI with its good looking intrinsic widgets available in the flutter SDK reducing the design and customization effort in case of many simpler apps.
  • It has been rapidly accepted by the developer community and is fast catching up with competing frameworks like react native which have been around much longer.
    Of course Google’s promotion is helping it as well. Even though the ready code available for it is much less, it has received faster acceptance due to easy set up,
    familiar java like syntax, hot reload and near native performance without a lot of increase in the app size which is the case with other frameworks like Xamarine and React Native.
  • Being open source it is expected to improve fast at each release and incorporate critical features faster than other popular tools.
    Factors like the elimination of the Javascript bridge to communicate with OEM widgets, highly attractive User Interface, Dart programing language, and intrinsic UI elements for native Android/iOS development are what make flutter applications a better option.
    Kaira Software have the expert team of flutter developers to deliver you the high-quality and functionally rich flutter app development solutions.

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