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Node JS Development Company in Ahmedabad

Javascript has come a long way from its simpler start in 1995. From a novelty or even a pariah initially, it has now become a preferred tool for all kinds of development.

It has evolved from a browser only scripting language to a standard which has found acceptance as a tool for desktop development in the form of Electron, mobile development in the form of Xamarin and Cardova.

For a short time it was a supported option to develop full fledged games using Unity game engine. Now, Node JS Development has been accepted as a full fledged web server which can be used to host mission critical websites.

Advantages of Using JavaScripts

Typically Testing is classified as
  • Ship more with less code With literally thousands of libraries available for all sorts of features and tasks, you can easily find something out there to get your work done.
    These libraries have made the short work of several otherwise difficult tasks.
  • Build apps for any device Because it is standardized, almost the same code may be used to build apps targeted to any type of device and audience.
  • Integrate technologies you already use Salesforce Triggers are executed in response to some events occurring in the system. Say an email needs to be sent out when a new customer is added to the system.
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Next generation javascript libraries like Reach JS and Angular are frameworks unto themselves. They allow the developers to customize or create their own elements and attributes and features to extend the HTML and provide far more control over the code structure.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is a set of technical scripts that can be run repeatedly at any time of day.When a software tester manually checks a system, he can make a mistake, especially when an application contains hundreds to thousands of lines of code. Automation helps the QA team avoid these human errors in application testing and executes checks in a faster time frame than if it were done in person.

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  • Server-side rendering It offers a unique feature called server side rendering. This if used wisely will provide a significantly faster experience to the user once the page loads. It can increase the page load times if the rendered HTML is very large.
  • Virtual DOMS Its concept of Virtual Dom makes it possible to generate just the necessary markup keeping the html page light and user interactions faster. Any updates are also made to the elements which need to be updated instead of a full hierarchy of elements. This results in a much faster and responsive user interface.
    However, react is not SEO friendly and would not be a good idea to use where SEO is a critical feature of the page.

Best JS Development Team in Ahmedabad

You get full visibility into the Node Javascript Development and QA process via onsite meetups, videoconferencing, and shared tools for real-time project tracking. Daily cost and performance index evaluation allows us to spot any bottlenecks right away and reliably identify the root causes. Node JS was designed from the start to be a high performance javascript runtime. It is an asynchronous event driven javascript runtime which lends itself well to the short span activity of a web page.Unlike web servers like IIS and Apache, Node.js employs an event-driven nonblocking I/O model resulting in low memory, high performance web server that turns it into simple and powerful, impeccable for data-demanding real-time applications that run through distributed networks.

Developers also love Node JS as it unifies the server side and client side development environment in a single simple programming language called javascript. In its simplest form it is easy to get started with one simple installer and a text editor.

Being popular, millions of libraries have come up to add features to this basic runtime. Some of them like express have become very popular and almost a standard when developing applications on Node server.

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