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Salesforce offers a comprehensive set of tools to adapt it to your business workflow.

While salesforce is a CRM at the base, it has evolved into a complex set of interconnected features which makes it almost as flexible as custom programming and sometimes requires as much effort.

Salesforce Customization in Ahmedabad

Custom objects, fields, and records in Salesforce

It offers the facility to add custom fields to existing objects, eg adding an extra attribute to a customer or your product. You may create custom objects which are exclusive to your business. For example a car dealership may have a custom object for cars.

CRM business rules

It supports implementing Business rules either by way relationships and constraints and triggers which can be written using its own programming language called Apex.

Daily task automation

Salesforce Triggers are executed in response to some events occurring in the system. Say an email needs to be sent out when a new customer is added to the system.

Bulk data processing

Bulk triggers may be used when multiple records need to be updated for tasks like daily lead qualification or subscription status updates etc.
Many such rules can be built easily with the drag and drop Process Builder and more complex ones may be programmed using Apex.

Custom email templates

The email notifications being sent out by salesforce can be customized with branding of your businesses and can also be sent from your business domain.
It even allows to send documents in salesforce as attachments with those emails.

Custom reports and dashboards

KPI dashboards are a critical aspect for any business management. Salesforce offers several charts, standard reports and metrics which can be added to the dashboard. It also allows you to bring any data of interest in a custom report as a dashboard component.

Salesforce Integration Service in Ahmedabad

Integration is often an underestimated activity when salesforce is involved. It comes with many constraints and rules which can be difficult to follow if not planned for in advance. It can take data from external sources as well as send data to other systems through various end points. Many businesses can benefit by using their existing authentication infrastructure or may use social logins in some cases.

Integration may be required with third party payment processors or lead sources. All of this is possible by defining proper end points which can send/receive data as needed.

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Data Migration

It is another task which typically takes a back seat to the rest of the development. However, it probably should be considered at the start of the project. While many rules may be introduced in the new system, old data from a different system may either be dirty as it did not follow those rules or those rules were simply not needed earlier. In that case a significant redevelopment cost may be incurred to allow the old data to be available in the new system.

Similarly there may be addition or deletion of fields which would have to be accounted for when migrating from a different system. Salesforce offers a data importer wizard which provides a significant help in this process.

Salesforce Products We Can Customize

Salesforce offers several versions of its platform like sales cloud, service cloud, Community cloud and Nonprofit cloud. They are more than just templates. There are significant variations in the features available as well as the licensing cost for each of them. You may need to use more than one of them. However, underneath them all are the same set of technologies. All of them use Apex code for programming, Visual force pages and lightning components for user interface.

In addition there are other SalesForce Customization tools and products such as Einstein AI,,, salesforce Paradot and many more. Each comes with its own tools and features but can integrate and work with your

Make the Most of Your Salesforce Product

Don’t let the lack of Salesforce Configuration stall your business growth! If you need all-around assistance in expanding your Salesforce solution beyond its default functionality, we will be glad to help.

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