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Software Product Development.

You have a vision. We have a team here to get you there. We transform your ideas into market-ready software products from the ground up, taking scalability, robustness and customizability into account. Our software product development teams have 14+ years of experience in delivering challenging solutions for global businesses including startUps, agencies and enterprises.

Our Development Approach

1.Understanding the Design

Understanding the context of the end product is the first step towards a successful product design. While B2C is more about engaging and entertaining the end user, B2B product design is about bringing in efficiency and effectiveness. It is extremely essential to know and understand the user while developing a B2B product as well.

As a product development company, we understand your challenges and work as a team to overcome them.


2. Prototyping

Prototyping can help in crystallizing the ideas around the product. It can be done as wireframes to design the navigation and interaction or as a full fledged interactive design without business logic to understand the user experience and decide on the the information flow for the user


3. Development /Coding

Development begins once there is sufficient clarity about the deliverables and the specifications. Decisions about tools,

technology, platform and project governance are taken during the earlier phase are put in place.


4. Testing

Testing is a continuous process. Testing team is also continuously engaged in testing small deliverables for each phase.

If suitable, clients are provided access to work in progress to provide feedback sooner rather than later to reduce the cost of changes at later stages.


We Offer a Wide Range Of Software Product Development Services

1.SAAS Product Development

Membership management, flexible subscription models, scalability, help and support system are important components of a SAAS system. We have delivered multiple systems each with its unique requirements.

It includes e-commerce platforms like More customers App, ERP like classmate,
or a digital advertising platform like Rappio.
High performance and availability are key to the success of SAAS products. We can help you with solutions like

  • Enterprise portal development,
  • Middleware development
  • Help desk and chat support
  • Mobile Apps

2. AR/ VR Solutions

AR/ VR are the next frontier in entertainment, Architectural Visualization and AEC information systems as well as enterprise training. We will build

  • Visualizations for MEP and AEC industry
  • Interactive learning apps
  • Interactive entertainment apps

3.Connected Products

Our software product development teams use their Internet Of Things development domain expertise to build connected products for smart businesses

  • Smart home solutions A smart home solution will involve API development, dashboard design, interaction with 3rd party platforms and perhaps a mobile access for the end users.
  • Wearable gadget apps Add support for smartwatches and fitness trackers to your solutions to provide quicker and more accessible features for your end users.
  • Voice based IoT solutions Integrate your devices and systems with voice agents like Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri and Cortana or use open source platforms or components to provide a self contained solutions for your client.

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